How Next Day Air Shipping Works

How Next Day Air Shipping Works

In a world where speed is king, many people want the option to have a package delivered overnight. But this can be complicated if you need to deliver the product across the country. However, certain delivery processes make it possible for carriers to get items to buyers as quickly as possible.

Read ahead to learn how next-day air shipping works.

The Delivery Service

First, consider your delivery service carefully. While regional and discount services can be tempting, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to freight. After you drop off the package with the carrier, they sort it based on size, destination, and speed, attaching a barcode that carries all of this information. This makes it possible to track your package as it moves across the country.

Methods of Transport

After sorting, the package gets sent out via transport. Some packages get shipped through railcars, trucks, or cargo ships, but the most time-sensitive ones usually get sent via airplane. Typically, this is mandatory for any shipment that must travel more than 200 miles overnight. Every time your package gets handed off, the barcode is scanned, and the package information is updated. Both the sender and the receiver can track the package.

Sort It Out

After arriving at the hub for the destination, someone will scan the package and sort it for immediate delivery. It goes into the truck with other packages being delivered for the day. Scanning the package each time it leaves a delivery hub helps drivers figure out where the package has to go.

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