Meticulous, yet Efficient Aircraft & Aerospace Logistics

Many of the raw materials such as high value metals need to be handled properly and moved expeditiously. Diversified Transportation Services offers aerospace logistics and aircraft transportation services that carry out careful yet reliable transportation of delicate, valuable aircraft parts.

Our team works directly with your supply chain team to meet the agreed upon delivery dates on Just in Time moves. Regular stock transfers are also handled and used when cost is the issue and timing is not the priority.

When it comes to global aerospace logistics, the smallest shipment may hold back a production line costing thousands of dollars. We find out the level of expectation on every aircraft shipment that our clients give us and work to meet those needs. It may be engines, wing parts, seats, or commercial inflatable rafts for re-manufacture.

Regardless of the parts needed to move, we have a time sensitive and cost-effective aerospace logistics solution for you.