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We offer aircraft parts transportation services and aerospace logistics that are meticulous, efficient, and highly dedicated to meeting your unique scheduling requirements.
Many of the raw materials, such as high-value metals, need to be handled properly and moved expeditiously. Diversified Transportation Services is an aerospace logistics company that offers aircraft transportation services, carrying out careful yet reliable transportation of delicate, valuable aircraft parts. You can rest easy that your aircraft components are in good hands with our premier aircraft and parts shipping services.

Our team works directly with your supply chain team to meet the agreed upon delivery dates for both regular stock transfers as well as just-in-time moves where timing is a specific priority.

Thirty years of logistics experience in a wide variety of industries makes us perfectly situated to handle any of your aerospace logistics and shipping needs. Our team specializes in delicately and efficiently getting aerospace components to their desired destinations. We understand that shipping times are a crucial part of any project, so in addition to our unbeatable punctuality, we have an unparalleled team of customer service professionals standing by.

When it comes to global aerospace logistics, the smallest shipment may hold back a production line, costing thousands of dollars. We are diligent about understanding our clients’ expectations on every aircraft shipment, and we always work effectively to meet your organization’s needs. It may be engines, wing parts, seats, or commercial inflatable rafts for re-manufacture; we can handle it all.

If you have any questions regarding our aircraft parts transportation services or would like to know more about our aerospace logistics solutions, please contact us. Our experts can answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Regardless of the parts needed to move, we have a time sensitive and cost-effective aerospace freight shipping solution for you.

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