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From temperature control to satellite tracking to high-level security in place, DTS is the best choice for managing your pharmaceutical logistics and transportation.

Pharmaceutical logistics has changed drastically over time. Most pharmaceuticals, but not all, require various controls in place to ensure the integrity of the goods while in transit. 

Each pharmaceutical logistics client is a little different, so it is important for us to fully understand your medicine shipping needs. Our senior management understands the pharmaceutical wholesale, retail, and shipping verticals, so your pharmaceuticals are entrusted with capable care. No matter your specific needs, we will meet them with full transparency.

Diversified Transportation Services has been providing pharmaceutical logistics services for many years. Our team has worked with a wide variety of companies in the industry. This exposure has given our team members the knowledge of all that goes into pharmaceutical transport and the hard and soft skills to manage any problems that may arise along the way. As in many industries, pharmaceutical products are subject to all kinds of shipping regulations to help ensure they are safe for consumption after delivery.

Let us know exactly what your needs are, and we can tailor a pharmaceutical logistics solution for your company.

Facilities & Equipment That Meet Standards

With our many years of experience combined, Diversified Transportation Services is uniquely situated to be your go-to pharmaceutical transport provider.

If you would like to know more about our pharmaceutical logistics solutions and transportation services—or if you have any questions—please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

What Can DTS Do For You?

Whether you're a company looking to improve one facet of your supply chain, your entire supply chain, or simply looking for a transportation and logistics consultation, we can help.

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