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Expedited Shipping Services

When it comes to moving your mission-critical shipments, DTS is the premier choice by thousands of clients around the United States and internationally. It could be a 50 lb. part that is holding up a production line or an installation on an electrical grid. It may be a 600 lb. item that just came in from overseas that needs to be routed directly to a tradeshow that opens in less than 24 hours. When you absolutely, positively must have it delivered in a timely manner over a long distance, air freight may be your only option. Same day or next day —Our customized expedited freight shipping solutions are created by our experienced staff to meet your needs. Being one of the highly trusted 3PL expedited freight companies, we make sure that our clients get the best expedited transportation at a reasonable cost.

As a leading expedited freight service provider, we understand that time is a valuable commodity and that there is a huge price for failure when a shipment does not deliver on time. DTS’s large network of logistics partnerships allows our expedited freight to move as efficiently as possible. From pickup to delivery or from plane to truck, your load will get to where it needs to go.

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DTS Expedited Shipping Solutions

At DTS we manage shipments every day that are “mission critical” for our client’s freight moves from origin to destination with dedicated equipment and almost no stops or delays compared to regular LTL. We understand that handing over your cargo for an expedited air freight move can be nerve-racking. If you are like us, you never want to go without knowing exactly where your freight is. That is why we offer updated tracking shipping information for every shipment. This allows you to relax and know that your freight is on schedule.

Our clients count on us as we have the expertise to meet the specific needs with air freight options and expedited delivery and logistics service options. We have the capacity to meet your expedited freight needs and provide superior customer service compared to the competition through being proactive and providing a wide range of carriers. Regardless of the challenge that you’re up against, DTS will work to meet your team’s needs.

Next-Day Air Freight

Next day air freight throughout the country as well as ground expedited options.

Cargo Van

For smaller items we can utilize cargo vans that we have in our network of carriers.

Straight Truck

Straight trucks are smaller trucks that are dock high typically and are cost effective for shipments less than eight pallets for expedited moves.

Two-Day Air Freight by Five

If you’re looking to expedite an order, we recommend our next-day or two-day air freight services.


For time-sensitive deliverables, we recommend our guaranteed shipping option. This expedited freight delivery service guarantees that your items will arrive at their destination on the desired day before the end of the workday.

Non-Guaranteed Options

For less time-sensitive loads, opt for non-guaranteed shipping. The load will be shipped efficiently and quickly, but there’s no guarantee it will arrive before the estimated delivery time. This option is more affordable compared to guaranteed shipping.

Driver Team –Nonstop

Our nonstop dry van shipping services are ideal for smaller loads that don’t need temperature control. These shipments are completed with a driving team that conscientiously adheres to DOT rules and regulations.

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