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From shipping electronics intrastate to shipping them internationally, DTS is an expert in the transportation of electronics.

In today’s world, electronics are an essential part of your business. Whether you work for a large corporation or run a small business, technology keeps your company running. Since an office needs plenty of electronics, whether computers, printers, monitors, servers, or cables, electronics logistics and transportation are of the utmost importance.

Whether you need to update your office’s tech or are just starting a new company, DTS can help you with all of your domestic and international shipping of electronics. We offer our electronics logistics services globally, and as a premier third-party logistics provider, we have access to a large network of carriers that allows us to provide the most comprehensive services possible.

Transporting electronics to your office can be a stressful experience. At DTS, we pride ourselves on providing the best logistics experience possible for our customers. For added peace of mind, we offer real-time tracking on all of your shipments. This allows our customers to know exactly where their shipment is and reassures them that the shipment will be on time.

Ensuring the safety and on-time delivery of your tech products is simple and straightforward with Diversified Transportation Services’ electronics logistics services. As a technology-based logistics provider, we understand the need that our clients have when they request to ship their high-value servers and networking technology.

From your everyday laptops, desktops, cell phones and all the accessories that go with those items, you can have peace of mind with our technology and electronics transportation services knowing that items are being moved to your data center, distribution facility, or your new office cost effectively, timely and insured upon your request. Our vast network allows us to move your high value goods safely and securely using air ride transportation as well, when it’s needed.

If you want more information regarding our electronics logistics solutions and transportation services, reach out to us, and we would gladly answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

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