We Overcome Cosmetic and Toiletry Transportation Challenges

Cosmetics Freight Shipping ServicesDiversified Transportation Services offers cosmetics logistics for our clients in the cosmetics and toiletries industry. Cosmetics freight transportation necessitates industry knowledge to meet the requirements of a number of key factors. Cosmetics tend to be temperature sensitive and require special handling and consistent movement. These types of items, either in raw material form or finished goods also have a high value with regards to the weights being shipped. We work very closely with our clients to ensure that they are properly insured per their requests.

While cost is always a factor, making sure the goods are moved with the “right” carrier is mission critical to the overall partnership with our client and our operational team. We have a team that handles many various items related to the cosmetic vertical. Therefore, we understand the challenges in most cases even before our clients let us know what those challenges are. With our comprehensive and in-depth review by our Sales Consultants and Operational Teams being done prior to moving any shipment, we are well positioned to help you in this vertical.