Our Team Picks the Right Carrier Partner for Your Specific Needs

store fixture logisticsRetailers large and small are consistently changing their floor plans with new store fixtures, new shelving, different layouts and new racks to display their goods. Choosing a 3PL service provider for your retail logistics and freight shipping is vital to successfully altering your store’s layout. DTS works closely with you to find the best option for your store fixture logistics. We know that sometimes these items can be moved via LTL for the small retailers and the larger ones require FTL transport. Our team knows how to pick the right carrier partner for your specific needs.

While some fixtures may be crated, many need to be blanket-wrapped and have challenging delivery requirements. We work with our clients to understand their level of expectation and work to ensure the safe transport of the custom made retail fixtures. Damages are never an option as, more often than not, these fixtures are custom made for a specific store.

Let us show you what we can do when it comes to getting your custom made or in stock inventory to your clients.