Industrial Machinery Transport

When it comes to providing logistics for moving industrial machinery, DTS is a recognized leader in this vertical. We understand the ever-changing needs of machinery transport as freight comes in various sizes and shapes.

There truly is no standard size. Your machinery requires special attention and care, which is why Diversified Transportation Services offers machinery transport services focused on your shipment’s specific requirements. 

From a single crate to multiple truckloads that need to arrive on-site for crane offloading, we have the knowledge, the expertise, and the teams in place to manage your most challenging industrial logistics service requirements. 

Industrial Machinery Parts Replenishment

Diversified Transportation Services understands that the service continues after the delivery or your machinery. Once your machine is on site and set up, you will typically need replacement parts such as new molds, milling plates, and other consumable parts that regularly wear out.

We know that having these parts in most cases moved via air transport is considerably less expensive than having a machine down for an extended period of time.  Our Parts Replenishment Team members understand the necessity of expedited transport and work closely with your plant managers to pick up those parts on the same day, get them on a plane, and get them delivered the next day.

When time is available, they can be moved more cost effectively via truck over the road. At the end of the day, we have the systems in place, the operational excellence and knowledge of 30 years, and the dedication to meet your specific needs for machinery transport. When it comes to replacement parts moving LTL or TL, we have your covered.

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