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Are you looking for a proven and reliable trade show logistic provider?

For over three decades, Diversified Transportation Services has been dedicated to delivering exceptional trade show shipping services. With our extensive experience, we facilitate shipping logistics for more than 300 trade shows annually. We recognize the substantial investment that trade shows and exhibition events entail for your company. Thus, we prioritize the timely transportation of your products or exhibits to these events.

We work with preferred trade show carriers and provide direct to show, advanced warehouse delivery, show move out, expedited, and show to show delivery. You can rely on us to manage your trade show transportation needs with utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Benefits DTS for Trade Show Logistics

Event Routing

Event Routing

We will help you navigate show shipping dates and coordinate your show move out.

Expedited Services

Expedited Services

When time is of the essence, we have reliable and fast carrier providers who can help get your materials to the show on time.

Booth Storage

Booth Storage

We can provide storage options for your exhibition materials.

Customer Service:

Customer Service:

We provide 24/7 customer service and tracking and tracing to service your needs.

Paperwork Assistance

Paperwork Assistance

We will assist with filling out documents like the Material Handling Agreement (MHA) to help ensure a successful move out.



We can provide supplemental insurance to help ensure your shipment is fully covered.

Why Choose DTS?

Concierge Customer Service

Best-in-class proactive service that follows your shipments along its journey.


34 years and over 2 million+ shipments managed for our clients.

Wide Range of Services

LTL, FTL, Partial Truckload, Trade Show Shipping, Expedited, International Air Freight, and an Authorized DHL Express Reseller.

Competitive Pricing

Volume buying power enables us to offer extremely attractive pricing to our clients.

Innovative Technology

Save time and money through our proprietary TMS complete with Customer Portal.

Full Traceability

24/7 access to information about your shipment at

Trade Show Shipping Tips

Advanced Warehouse

Advance Warehouse

When shipping to trade shows, tight delivery schedules are common to ensure prompt arrival of your products. Fortunately, most shows offer an advance warehouse option or storage facility around 30 days prior to the move-in date. If you're prepared 30 days or more in advance, you can choose to deliver your exhibition materials to the advance warehouse.

Using the advance warehouse provides significant benefits. Firstly, it offers peace of mind as your goods will be securely stored at the show venue well ahead of time. Additionally, this option allows you to select a more cost-effective transportation provider, enabling efficient cost management. By taking advantage of the advance warehouse service, you can streamline your logistics and focus on other crucial aspects of preparing for the trade show.


The material handling agreement (MHA) or bill of lading (BOL) plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth move out process. It is essential to complete this document accurately. You will be required to provide details such as the destination of your freight, booth number, number of pieces, weight, contact information, and any specific shipment requirements, such as the need for a call before delivery. These details are crucial for a successful and organized move out operation.


When it comes to trade show shipments, having insurance is essential, and fortunately, there are various options available to choose from. Some of these include corporate insurance, carrier insurance, and supplemental liability coverage. In addition, certain companies offer exhibition floater insurance as part of their package, which provides coverage for all your assets throughout the entire trade show.

While it's true that most carriers provide liability coverage for loss or damage, it's important not to assume that this applies to every trade show carrier you come across. It is advisable to reach out to the company directly and confirm their insurance coverage. Taking this proactive step ensures that you have accurate information and provides you with peace of mind regarding the protection of your shipments.

What Can DTS Do For YOu?

Whether you're a company looking to improve one facet of your supply chain, your entire supply chain, or simply looking for a transportation and logistics consultation, we can help.

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