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If you're a business owner, art gallery, museum, or even an artist importing fine art, you know that it can be incredibly stressful preparing your artwork, sculpture, or antique for the fine art shipping process. You need a reliable and reputable art shipping company to manage your fine art shipping needs with quality assurance and timely service. With the right art logistics partner, you can streamline your fine art shipping process for both domestic and international shipments.

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What Is Fine Art Shipping?

Fine art shipping is the process of specialized transportation and logistics services for a wide range of artwork like paintings, sculptures, ceramics, antiques, and other valuable collectibles. 

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DTS Art Shipping

When it comes to the intricate world of fine art shipping, Diversified Transportation Services stands out as your premier art shipping company. Our journey into the realm of fine art logistics commenced years ago through a strong partnership with many art galleries and museums across the nation. With the evolution of our fine art shipping services, we have extended our reach to offer international art shipping solutions to cater to our valued clients.

International and Domestic
Our exclusive carrier relationships enable us to provide a comprehensive range of art shipping services, both domestically and internationally.
Supplemental Insurance
While modern air, ocean, and truck transportation are highly reliable, we also provide supplemental insurance packages to prepare for unexpected situations.

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Frequently Asked Fine Art Shipping Questions

To help ensure the safe transit of your sculpture or painting, custom packaging and crating are highly advisable. Utilize materials such as bubble wrap, cardboard, foam, packaging tape, and acid-free paper for optimal protection. However, exercise caution when using bubble wrap directly on a painting's surface, as it may transfer onto the artwork.

When shipping artwork internationally, meticulous planning is essential. An international art shipping company can assist with transportation methods, packaging, insurance, customs, and documentation.

Before packaging, evaluate and document the current condition of your artwork or sculpture, including photographs. These will serve as references in case of damage during transit. Additionally, create a packaging list detailing descriptions, values, materials, and use fragile labels on your packaging for added protection.

The HS Code for paintings is generally 9701 and the HS Code for sculptures is generally 9703.

DHL Express stands out as a top choice for fine art shippers with its impressive 96% on-time service, competitive pricing, and swift customs clearance (air shipments cleared in 90% of cases). As an authorized DHL Express reseller, DTS offers the added benefits of concierge customer service and discounted pricing. Click here to set you up with your DHL Express account today!

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