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At Diversified Transportation Services, we have a specifically designed process for restaurant and kitchen clients. While many in the industry consider these “challenging deliveries,” our food service logistics solutions and restaurant supply delivery services are unmatched.

DTS has been providing commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment delivery services for complicated shipments such as ovens, mixers, coolers, ice cream machines, display cases, water coolers, conveying lines, and many other items for more than 18 years.

Typically, commercial restaurant supply delivery has challenges that need to be addressed prior to shipping since the delivery locations almost never have docks. At Diversified Transportation Services, we work to address those needs in advance to avoid problems when the restaurant equipment arrives at the delivery location.
  • Pre-assessment of the shippers’ needs regarding LTL, flatbed, Air Ride, no-transfer, or other requirements.
  • Pre-assessment of the consignees' needs prior to arrival. Many times door frames may or may not provide the proper width and rigging companies may need to be coordinated with proper unloading equipment.
  • Time definitive restaurant supply deliveries to help ensure that the business is not shut down for longer than is absolutely necessary.
  • Post-assessment of the consignee’s equipment delivery.
  • Coordinated liftgate deliveries of oversized or overweight pieces. This may include forklifts that need to be rented and coordinated with the installers.
  • Daily tracing to help ensure the restaurant supply delivery time will meet the installer’s time frames.
  • International shipping on replacement parts when necessary. We can move parts from 5 lbs. to virtually any weight that you may need to be shipped. This includes complete machines as well as parts.
  • Supplemental insurance is available when standard liability limitations exceed a carrier’s existing policies in place.
  • We have the resources to get virtually any commercial kitchen or restaurant supply delivery coordinated because the odds are that we have already done something similar.
  • We regularly attend industry trade shows such as the IBIE as well due to our client’s requests.

If you have any questions about the restaurant supply delivery or kitchen and food service logistics we provide, please reach out to us. We will always address any concerns you may have and answer any lingering questions.

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