Shipping Nutraceuticals and Vitamins Almost Since Inception

industry-vitaminsFor more than 20 years, Diversified Transportation Services has provided logistics for the neutraceuticals and vitamins vertical. Freight shipping vitamins and neutraceuticals requires in-depth knowledge of the products and industry, and a network of reliable, high-quality carriers.

Our knowledgeable Sales Consultants and Operational team members understand the timely need when moving raw materials in the manufacture of Nutraceuticals and Vitamins. We also understand the high value of these items as well and work to provide safe, insured transportation of these goods.

Nutraceuticals often exceed most carriers’ liability limitations on a per pound basis. Therefore, we have optional insurance available to mitigate that risk for our clients. At the same time, using the best in class carriers with fewer handling options and faster transit times is what we see as most crucial for our current clients in this vertical.

Once your goods are manufactured and ready for distribution to your suppliers or regional distribution centers, we have the network and expertise to move those items out and meet the PO deadlines, if any. Temperature-controlled shipping solutions are also available.

High value and expedited transit are all part of this vertical and no one knows how to get it done better than Diversified Transportation Services.  We exhibit at the Supply Side West show as well as this vertical continues to expand for our company.