Volume Shipments and Partial Truckload Shipping Services

What are Volume Shipments / Partial Truckload Shipments?

Shipments that are over four skids or 5,000 lbs. typically qualify for special volume rates. In other words, volume shipments are shipments that can be potentially better moved with carriers that consolidate shipments and deliver them in transit.


Partial truckload and volume LTL shipments are often grouped together due to many similarities between the two modes, but there are also some key differences. The major similarities between these two modes are that they are best for larger LTL shipments and are great for shippers who want to take advantage of shipping capacity within carrier networks. 

The key difference between these two modes is that volume LTL shipments utilize a LTL carrier's infacstructure and network and partial truckload shipments utilize a full truckload carrier's equipment. 

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Cost Savings

The savings benefit when shipping partial load freight shipments can be very advantageous to your company’s bottom line.


Volume shipment experience less handling than LTL shipments as they usually stay on the same trailer from pickup to delivery.

Increased Capacity

With both LTL and TL facing major capacity constraints, utilizing volume shipments allows shippers to increase their shipping capacity by taking advantage of empty backhauls.

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