Aspects of Effective Pharmaceutical Shipping

Aspects of Effective Pharmaceutical Shipping

Pharmaceutical products are simply anything used in the medical industry to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. These products are typically in high demand. International spending for pharmaceuticals reached $1 trillion for the very first time in 2014, and it is expected to continue increasing up to $1.12 trillion by 2022.

These products are critical to the medical field because, without them, lives could be lost. They are often very fragile, so pharmaceutical products need special care when they are shipped around the world. Effective pharmaceutical logistics take these extra care steps into account to help products reach their destination most likely unharmed and undamaged.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to pharmaceutical shipping is that the cargo needs be to kept at extremely precise temperatures in order to help ensure they get from one location to another uncompromised. If the products are not stored at their proper temperature during the shipping process, irreversible damage can occur.

In fact, a change as small as two degrees Celsius during shipping can damage the pharmaceutical products beyond repair. This can have devastating effects as patients may not receive the products they need, and there may be no other option for them.

To address this danger, many pharmaceutical logistics companies use special containers to maintain a steady temperature. These containers are called cryogenic containers, and they are used to ship biological matter like blood and tissue. They can keep a consistent temperature of -150 degrees Celsius for 10 or more days.

To some, shipping pharmaceuticals may seem like a major hassle. Is it worth it? In reality, the value of temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals is expected to rise approximately 10.7% over the next year.

Pharmaceutical products are extremely important for the way of life the world has created, as extended life and health are valued so highly. Pharmaceuticals are not going anywhere, especially not ones that need temperature control. Fortunately, logistics companies have the shipping demands under control.

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