Why Shipping Containers Have Different Colors

Why Shipping Containers Have Different Colors

When you see shipping containers, the colors may mean nothing to you. However, the more closely you interact with the shipping industry, the more important it becomes to know what those colors mean. They’re not chosen at random. If you want to learn more, keep reading for a quick guide on why shipping containers have different colors.

Container Identification

A container’s color can tell you a lot about its origin. For instance, if you see a maroon-colored container, then it’s most likely from a leasing company. This is because a darker color shows its age less than a lighter color, enticing leasing companies.

Lighter colors—such as white—also commonly appear on shipping containers. Generally, white containers signify perishable cargo that requires special handling, such as refrigeration.

Brand Identification

The above section only accounts for maroon and white, but what about the other colors you see on containers? Additional colors, such as blue and orange, will often appear as brand signifiers. Thus, if you know the brand, you know if you’re looking at the right container with a simple glance. The color can reflect the brand logo to make the cargo easy to identify from a distance. Now, you should have a better understanding of why shipping containers have different colors regarding visual identification.

Moving Forward

Now you know that shipping container colors indicate either a container’s purpose or brand. You can start using this knowledge to understand your business better. Even though container color may mean nothing to passersby, to those involved with each shipment, the color of each container explains a lot visually. Now that you also have a better understanding of these factors, you can have a firmer grasp of why your shipping system runs so efficiently.

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