Flatbed Transportation – It’s what we do!

At Diversified Transportation Services we know that it can be a challenge to find the flatbeds when you need them.  Capacity in the flatbed transport market can fluctuate drastically based on the day as well as the time of the year.  This also goes for step decks, RGN – double drops.  Our team at DTS has the tools in place when it comes to meeting your flatbed services, regardless of what they may be.

Regardless of the time of the year, end of month or quarter, or seasonal spikes in capacity, we are always able to meet our client’s requests on finding equipment to meet their flatbed shipping needs.

Finding Flatbed as well as other Transportation Solutions

Our team works very closely with our clients to fully understand their specific needs and goals when it comes to flatbed loads.  Our fully integrated TMS platform coupled with our seasoned logistics professionals allows us to work for you in meeting your business objectives – or challenges that always seem to pop up. We are at your disposal from providing the optimal cost and transit time, load tendering and dispatching, following up on the flatbed loads with regards to the delivery timelines and invoice validation and processing.  Our integrated TMS platform and technology gives you the ability to manage your freight in real time.

Our Flatbed Services include that Diversified Transportation Services offers include–

  • Coast to Coast coverage with over ten thousand carriers at our disposal
  • Leveraged purchasing abilities with national, regional and local carriers in our database
  • Business intelligence with our MassRater and Historical data analytics processes
  • Diligent safety standards and requirements
  • Cargo insurance options for excess cargo liability for high value shipments
  • Risk Management consulting for high value shipments and or high claim frequency products
  • 24 – 7 online tracking and support when needed
  • Current Market Intelligence insight for trends to lower your overall logistical costs
  • Cargo monitoring and tracking technology

Need to talk to a specialist or get a flatbed freight quote?– Contact jburnett@dtsone.com  310-521-1200 xt 130