The Basics of Shipping Cosmetic Products Internationally

The Basics of Shipping Cosmetic Products Internationally

Cosmetics are shippable to many places, but it’s not something you can do without understanding the basics. Shipping abroad is different from doing it domestically, so improper preparation can lead to substantial setbacks. Do you need help learning the basics of shipping cosmetic products internationally? Keep reading below to see how you should prepare your shipments for a convenient experience.

Remember the Regulations

Shipping internationally means you’re not only dealing with the regulations in the United States. Other countries have their own restrictions and regulations. Thus, you may have to provide additional information or alter your packaging in ways to meet those regulations. Talking with your shipping team about the regulations for your products’ destination ensures you can bypass frustrating fees and delays that will hinder your shipment.

Label Hazards Appropriately

When you’re working with cosmetics, you may look primarily at how they help people achieve their ideal appearance. It’s easy to overlook proper labeling in shipping—don’t forget that some items may be considered hazardous.

For example, alcohol-based cosmetics fall under the “flammable liquids” category. Thus, you should speak with your logistics partner to ensure such liquids and other hazardous items are properly labeled to ensure a safe, responsible shipping experience.

Find Experienced Shipping Services

It’s important to know the information above, but the responsibility of following these steps doesn’t solely fall on a business owner’s shoulders. You may know a country’s regulations or how to label hazardous materials. But do your shipping partners know how to do these things? The basics of shipping cosmetic products internationally include finding a 3PL with experience and knowledge of the cosmetic industry.

That way, you can start your relationship off with clear communication about industry needs and standards. Once you have a reliable 3PL helping you, following the tips above will be a breeze. Talk with our team today about international air shipping for your industry needs and how we can help arrange your goods effectively.

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