What is AOG shipping, and Why is it Important?

AOG Shipping
What is AOG shipping, and Why is it Important?

In the aerospace industry, being on time is crucial. Aviation companies need to ensure that their planes stay on schedule — otherwise, they risk causing delays, missing important delivery dates, or even disrupting the travel plans of potentially thousands of people. 

Along with staying on time, it’s also vital to have safe airplanes and access to the right parts to keep them running. Speed is essential when a plane needs parts or equipment that it can’t fly without. That’s where aircraft-on-ground (AOG) logistics come in. 

This post will explore what AOG services involve, why expedited aerospace logistics is so important, and the benefits of using an AOG logistics company. 

What is aircraft on-ground logistics?

The term “aircraft on ground” (AOG) refers to a plane that is grounded and unable to fly. That may be due to a simple technical issue, which can be fixed with a new part, or a more complex problem. An aviation company with an aircraft on the ground will need to schedule the necessary repairs as soon as possible to get the plane back in the air. 

AOG can also refer to planes that are taken out of commission for regularly scheduled maintenance. In those cases, planes should be able to fly again once the work is complete. 

Why expedited shipping is essential for AOG logistics

AOG can be a major problem for aviation companies. Keeping a plane grounded, even briefly, means losing money. The longer they have an aircraft on the ground, the more profit the owners will miss out on. That can take a serious toll on companies of any size. 

For example, passenger airlines may need to refund customer tickets or cover the cost of their hotel rooms after missed flights. They also need to pay airline staff and cover any extra or overtime. 

Airlines handling cargo flights can’t transport goods to their intended destinations on time, costing shippers and freight companies money.  Plus, aviation companies need to pay airport fees to store their grounded plane(s). They can also incur fees if the aircraft gets grounded in the wrong place, which causes issues for other planes. 

That’s why it's essential to get the necessary parts and equipment to fix a grounded aircraft where they need to go quickly and efficiently to minimize wasted time, lost money, customer inconvenience, and supply chain problems. 

Expedited shipping helps companies avoid further delays, delivering parts and equipment more efficiently than standard shipping speeds. 

The sooner an aircraft on the ground is repaired and ready to fly, the sooner aviation companies can start making money again. With cargo planes able to deliver their freight as usual, supply chain disruptions can be fixed. Discover the 3 Things Every Supply Chain Manager Should Consider with Aerospace Logistics. 

Why work with an AOG shipping company?

Aviation companies need a reliable solution for getting their planes back in the air. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with an experienced aerospace logistics company. 

Here are some of the major benefits of working with an AOG shipping company:

  • An aerospace logistics company will have in-depth knowledge of the aerospace industry. Crucially, they understand the regulations and requirements for transporting aircraft parts. That’s vital for avoiding delays and disruptions that any oversights might cause. 
  • Working with an AOG shipping company can help reduce costs. While expedited shipping is more expensive, businesses ultimately save on other costs (potentially much higher ones) incurred by having aircraft on the ground instead of in the air. 
  • By partnering with a seasoned AOG shipping company, you can improve your operational efficiency and potentially schedule maintenance more effectively to avoid time-sensitive AOG incidents. Companies providing AOG services operate 24/7 to accommodate emergencies and avoid unnecessary delivery delays. 

Start working with an AOG shipping company today

Punctuality matters in the aerospace industry, and any problems that keep aircraft grounded should be resolved efficiently to avoid costly delays. By working with an AOG shipping specialist, aviation companies can reduce the risk of losing big money, dissatisfied customers or clients, and damaging their reputation. 

DTS offers the highest-standard aircraft parts transportation services and aerospace logistics. Our team meticulously organizes AOG logistics and expedited shipping to suit diverse scheduling requirements, providing you with much-needed peace of mind. 

DTS has decades of experience, and we’re ready to help you with reliable AOG logistics today. Contact our team to get started. 

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