Aerospace Logistics: 3 Things Every Supply Chain Manager Should Consider

Aerospace Logistics: 3 Things Every Supply Chain Manager Should Consider

With so many different moving parts of aerospace logistics, keeping track of them all can be near impossible. When overseeing or managing an aerospace supply chain, there are many considerations you must make to be successful -- or at least minimize obstacles.

There are three major parts of managing a supply chain in the aviation industry that should be considered constantly.

  1. Material Sourcing
    There are thousands of actual parts that go into building an aircraft, and all of those parts and pieces need to come from somewhere. Of course, with tier-one suppliers, there isn't that much of a chance for significant obstacles, although still a chance. However, when looking at tier two and three suppliers, the smallest issue in the chain can cause a ripple effect and severely hinder the overall build. The need for reliable and credible suppliers from around the world has become immeasurable, as has the need for accurate data on inventory and available suppliers. Understanding the best possible scenario via logistics is invaluable in this situation, as is working with a company that can manifest that data into reality.
  2. High-Value Parts
    The smaller, less expensive pieces of manufacturing are important but pale in comparison to the high-value parts. Waiting on a jet engine for a large or expensive build and receiving a product that's been damaged in AOG shipping is something any supply chain manager cannot afford. Of all the products that the U.S. freight industry transports, the three most valuable commodities include machinery, electronics, and motorized vehicles. That machinery includes your jet engine. With that said, using a reputable transport company that understands the importance of specialty freight services, as well as the smallest of details in shipping high-value parts, is a must. Not only should the trucks be built with low-impact shock absorption systems to reduce stress on the high-value part, but the freight operator should understand all the proper tie-down procedures and all of the engine stand lashing points. Sourcing a company that can provide a perfect product, again and again, is imperative to the success of the supply chain.
  3. Expedited Shipping Service
    Using an aerospace logistics and transportation system that offers expedited trucking for critical product shipping is crucial. Shipping a critical part of an aviation build shouldn't be managed the same way that a normal parcel is shipped. Using a freight company that dedicates a specific portion of its transportation systems to AOG shipments is a must-have. These companies will be available around the clock with teams of drivers to help ensure your product arrives as quickly as possible.

Working with an aerospace logistics and transportation company is the best way to create a well-oiled supply chain.

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