3 Things to Know When Shipping an Oversize Freight Load

3 Things to Know When Shipping an Oversize Freight Load

Technology has brought society to a great place where everyone is connected. People can talk to others halfway across the world with ease. Products can always be attained from locations that are not so close to home, and that is in large part thanks to expedited international shipping services, as well as local shipping.

The United States freight industry plays a large part in shipping products around the country. The three highest-valued products that are shipped by American freight transportation are electronics, machinery, and motorized vehicles. Many of these shipments require oversized freight loads, which can unfortunately become complicated. Here are three things to consider when a shipment requires oversized freight.

Legal Limits
Whether a shipment requires overweight freight or not, it's important to understand what the legal limitations are before loading up the truck. These limitations vary from state to state across the country. The limitation includes a height and width limit, as well as a weight limit.

Escort Vehicle Requirements
Depending on the state the oversized freight is traveling in, an escort may be required if the shipments are over 12 feet wide. The escort vehicle is there to provide the oversized freight driver with warnings of anything out of the ordinary, like accidents, bridges, or construction zones. They also help inform other drivers on the road of the oversized load.

Time Frame and Delays
This is especially necessary if the shipment is on an expedited freight. Many oversize freights that require an escort are only allowed to travel between 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset. Detours due to construction or heavy traffic can play a role in timing, so knowing what's happening on the roads and being aware of any time constraints are critical for getting the freight to its final destination punctually.

When working with oversize freight, these three considerations are just a few of many. For further information on oversize freight transportation needs, contact us today.

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