tradeshowinpostAt Diversified Transportation Services we take tradeshows to heart. We understand that getting our clients goods to the various shows around the U.S. on time, and on budget are mission critical. Failure is never an option.

A few tips to ensure your tradeshow booth gets delivered on time and is on budget:

1. Coordinate your logistics with someone who knows the show you’re going to.

Coordinate your logistics with someone who knows the show you’re going to and understands the particular tradeshow rules and procedures such as move in dates, move out dates, advance warehouse timelines, marshalling yard, etc. (just because someone gives you a cheaper rate, does not necessarily qualify them as the best option)

2. Provide the dimensions of each pallet or crate you’re moving to get an accurate rate.

Never assume that each crate is 40x48x40. The last thing we want is to have the driver show up and not have enough space to pick up your 80 x 65 x 78 crates. Details, details, detail.

3. Ship as early as possible and to the advance warehouse.

If the show has an advance warehouse, sending your goods to that warehouse is a good option. Earlier is always better then being late. If only part of your freight is ready now, but you’re waiting for 1 more piece in the future, then send the first part now, then air freight or expedite the single piece later.

4. LTL, Volume, or dedicated?

Smaller shipments can go LTL, larger ones can move with volumes options or dedicated when your goods can not be transloaded due to weight, value, or being sensitive. Time is important on dedicated moves as you don’t want to have 10 hours of detention waiting at the show. DTS knows Tradeshow inside and out.