Why DTS?

Diversified Transportation Services Has Been Serving The Shipping Community Since 1990

We have been delivering supply chain solutions for over 25 years. Our main focus as a 3PL provider is to help our clients take cost out of their supply chain spend by reducing administrative and transportation costs, providing multiple carrier options, and exceptional customer service.

DTS is a member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) and abides by a strict code of ethics to maintain that membership. Learn more about the DTS Difference.

Industry News:

Motor Carrier Risk Management – Are You Performing Your Due Diligence?

In the current economy of "Price Driven Logistics" some people may fail to realize the importance of ensuring the carrier that hauls a shippers goods has a solid safety rating.

How To Drive Down Your Logistics Cost With Intelligent Packaging Choices

Recently a little known rule that has been showing up within the LTL spectrum has created some unforeseen expenses to shippers. The rule is listed differently by various carriers.

Best Practices For Shipping Goods Internationally

When shipping international goods, you must always use the correct forms. If you start out with the wrong forms, your shipment won’t move very far and it will create lots of headaches. These delays are the simplest ones to avoid, yet one that seems to happen the most in our industry by those new to the shipment preparation process.

What Are You Doing To Ensure Your Tradeshow Goods Are Delivered On Time And On Budget?

When it comes to large shipments shippers always have choices- truckload or rail. Depending on what your particular needs are for that specific shipment will be the driving force for which option you pick.

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