What Makes Expedited Trucking So Fast?

What Makes Expedited Trucking So Fast?

If you manufacture and distribute any kind of product, then chances are you know the importance of efficient and timely delivery. Slow delivery methods can result in lower customer satisfaction, decreased sales, and in general, a stagnant business.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, about 5.9 million commercial motor vehicle drivers operate in the United States. With so many different drivers and delivery companies, it can be hard to choose the service and style that works best for your products.

Though, there are many kinds of speedy shipping services, expedited shipping, in particular, can help your goods cover large distances in short periods of time. But what makes expedited trucking so fast? And is expedited shipping always the best choice for a company?

Expedited Trucking Definition: What Makes it So Fast?

Unlike other delivery methods, the primary goal of expedited shipping is speed-- speed is in the expedited trucking definition. Expedited freight services are faster largely because of route differences. Rather than stopping and delivering goods along the way, an expedited shipment is driven directly to its destination with almost zero stops. This technique is what makes overnight delivery services possible.

Common Applications

Some industries absolutely require the fastest shipment methods available. For example, the medical and pharmaceutical industries often make use of this method to get emergency supplies or to limit sensitive drugs' exposure to other elements. Similarly, the e-commerce industry uses faster shipping methods to meet online shoppers' needs as quickly as possible.

Pros and Cons

While fast shipping always sounds like a plus, there are some downsides to this delivery method. Fewer stops along the way sometimes mean the truck cannot carry a full load to its destination, which makes the trip more expensive. Expedited shipping is also a bit of a hassle-- everything must be accomplished with a sense of urgency, which can become taxing for manufacturers and drivers alike.

However, in the right context, expediting can be a great choice. It keeps customers happy and improves customer retention, which in turn can bring your business profits. For some companies, their own definition of success is the same as the expedited trucking definition of success-- fast deliveries, happy customers, and more money for all involved.

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