What Kind of Shipping Can Your Small Business Choose From?

What Kind of Shipping Can Your Small Business Choose From?

Every business has different shipping needs, but a small business needs the perfect option for its size. The type of shipping you use is going to depend on a lot of different elements within your company, and figuring out which avenue to take can be challenging. That's why it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various types of shipping that are available so that you can be sure you choose the one most suited to your business.

Here are some types of shipping your business can choose from:

LTL Shipping

This is a slightly broader category that stands for "less than truckload" shipping. This is for companies that send out smaller amounts of freight and don't need to take up an entire truck with their shipments. This is common among small businesses that ship only a few boxes of freight each day.

This is a popular category with a market that is estimated at around $35 billion. If you're a starter company or one that just doesn't send out a lot of items from your building, this could be the right option for you. LTL freight rates are also usually lower than other options, which also makes it a good decision for companies who want to save some money. Because so many businesses engage in this shipping option, it's easier than ever to transport freight.

Truckload Freight

Truckload freight is exactly what it sounds like. It's for companies who regularly fill entire trucks with their shipments. Larger companies or ones that send out large amounts of product at a time can benefit from this. It can also be good for a business that wants only their items on a truck due to special handling requirements or the desire to lessen the amount of handling altogether.

While it's unlikely that your small business needs this option, it's a great goal for companies looking to scale up their business. You can even use these services for trade show freight to keep your goods safe at marketing events.

Overweight Freight

Overweight freight is needed when a load goes over the normal weight limits that the trucking company allows. This will cost you an extra fee so you just need to budget in the extra cost.

Trade Show Freight

Trade show freight shipping options are specifically catered to people ordering trade show items and materials. If trade show items are something you specialize in, then you might want to consider specializing your shipping as well. Trade show freight shipment is often expedited and catered to the buyer's needs because they need their items at a certain time and place. Exhibit booths and materials also require delicate care so that they remain in working and presentable order.

Pharmaceuticals Transportation

Pharma logistics are some of the most specialized of all. This is because pharmaceutical shipments often contain items that require special care, such as specific temperatures or expedited shipping. There is also the matter of security, as pharmaceuticals can be worth a great deal of money. This type of shipment is reserved for companies in that field.

These are not the only forms of shipping, but they are some common ones that might apply to your business in the present or future. If you're unsure about what kind of shipping you need, you can reach out to DTS today.

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