DTS Takes the Worry Out of Your Trade Show Shipments

If you’re a trade show manager, you understand the importance of having your products or exhibit transported to shows safely and reliably. Diversified Transportation Services provides complete trade show freight services and will accommodate all your shipping needs. Whether your requirements are ground or expedited services, Diversified Transportation Services has the resources to help you get your product or exhibit on the trade show floor on time.

Benefits of Choosing DTS

  • Experienced trade show freight representatives who understand the logistics of trade show management, assisting with everything from paperwork to serving as liaisons between the general services contractor, the carrier, and the exhibiting client.
  • Skilled, experienced, and dependable carriers that take pride in making sure your exhibition materials get in and out of the show on time.
  • We are available all day every day to answer your questions regarding your shipments.
  • Thorough knowledge of trade show staging and marshaling yard procedures.
  • A personal shipment coordinator keeps you informed of the status of your shipment every step of the way.

Our objective is to offer our customers the widest variety of services possible at extremely competitive rates. Over the years, we have developed our network of knowledgeable and reliable trade show freight carriers to specifically accommodate trade show exhibits and products. Our staff of seasoned professionals will assist you in every single aspect of your shipping needs.

Contact us to request information from a trade show specialist who can tell you more about our Trade Show Shipping Solutions. We will be happy to discuss how we can customize a solution for shipping your exhibition materials to improve your trade show shipping service while at the same time keep your costs down.

Should You Ship To The Advanced Warehouse or Direct to The Show?

Shipping to the advance warehouse ensures your goods are close to the show, and will be staged by the show decorator in trailers prior to move in.  Typically the advance warehouse freight is almost always at the actual show and ready to be uncrated and set up when you arrive.  When your goods are at the Advance Warehouse, you have the peace of mind knowing your freight is in the hands of the show decorator close to the show.  The biggest advantage is that you can use an LTL carrier and take your time moving your goods to the advance warehouse. We suggest moving most of your items to the Advance Warehouse, then if you need to expedite something last minute, you can send those items direct to the show.  Lastly, you almost never incur detention charges by sending  your goods to the Advance Warehouse.

Shipping direct to the show gives you a tighter timeline that you must meet.  Clearly you need to meet a given window that the show decorator provides you on a show such as the International Pizza Expo due to the larger items that get moved into the show. All carriers charge detention after a predetermined free time allotment as well which is typically 2 hours free time for pick up and 2 hours free time at the delivery.  At DTS, for LTL shipments, we rarely have detention charges as we have those charges taken care of internally on our end with our partners.

At the end of the day DTS works to find you the most cost effective solution to meet your ever changing timeline as to when your goods are ready to ship to the show and when they need to arrive.   You can email us at tradeshowsales@dtsone.com or call us at 310-521-1200 and ask for Tradeshow sales to answer any of your questions as it pertains to getting your Tradeshow booth into or out of the show on time and on budget.

Tradeshow Freight News

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