Tips for Improving Your Shipping Processes

Tips for Improving Your Shipping Processes
Tips for Improving Your Shipping Processes

At DTS, shipping and logistics are what we do best. We provide international exports and imports from the U.S. through various logistical solutions. Since we’re shipping experts, we can provide our customers with a lot of great advice. Could your shipping procedures use a little work? If you, here are some candid tips for improving your shipping processes.

Read the Customs Regulations

Remember, if you’re shipping internationally, different countries will have unique customs regulations. They may have stringent restrictions or requirements for packages from other countries. A little research can save you a lot of time and hassle down the line.

Use the Right Company

Selecting the right company for your logistics is everything. We at DTS will work with the best freight forwarders to handle your shipping and logistics. Our elite-level team will monitor your deliveries to make sure they’re all on time. We also offer a vast number of customized shipping solutions.

Choosing the Correct Shipping Solution

At DTS, we have a ton of shipping solutions to meet all your needs. You see, not every package needs a private jet to transport it. Instead, we provide a diverse array of options to make sure our services stay cost-effective. These include:

  • Cargo vans. Do you have a small item that doesn’t need to go too far? Then we can keep things affordable with one of our cargo vans.
  • Next-day air freight. If you want to get your product to your customer as soon as possible, our next-day air services are ideal. Be sure to check out our expedited freight delivery. We have two-day air freight available as well.
  • Straight trucks. If your items are slightly larger than what would fit in a cargo van, we’ll use our straight trucks. Our trucks are a very cost-effective option for shipments under eight pallets in size.

Selecting the Correct Packaging

An easy mistake to make is using the same packaging for all your items. To improve your shipping processes, you’ll need suitable packaging. Not only that, but you should invest in quality packing materials to keep your goods safe. Doing this will help you avoid customer complaints and refunds. If you ship heavy or bulky items, quality packaging and cushioning are essential.

So those are the tips for improving your shipping processes. We’re committed to handling all your shipping and logistics-related needs at DTS, so don’t wait to contact us today.

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