The 3 Main Types of Logistics And Why Your Business Needs Them

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The 3 Main Types of Logistics And Why Your Business Needs Them

Logistics and transportation encompass a lot of ground. Your business needs a freight company, but you want the best value for your money. In 2007, the value of freight being moved was $882 per ton and it’s expected to increase to $1,377 per ton by 2040. With that increasing number in mind, you need a company that offers a full-service approach to logistics.

Aerospace Logistics

When you need expedited international shipping services, aerospace logistics is your method of choice. Air freight requires less packaging and reduced insurance when compared to ocean travel. That means it can be less expensive to transport when taking time and materials into consideration. Air freight also moves quickly. Packages can arrive in a matter of hours, not unlike local ground transportation. When you need expedited shipping service, air freight gives you ample flexibility and is a critical component of a logistics plan. Combined with truckload shipping, aerospace logistics can get specialty freight delivered across the country or world with unprecedented speed.

Truckload Shipping

One of America’s top logistics methods is truckload shipping. This includes a variety of services, such as:

You should look for a company that can manage a multitude of situations. Do you need a full truckload carrier? Do you need a less-than-truckload carrier? How delicate are your items? Are they sensitive materials? If you’re carrying sensitive or delicate items, a full truckload carrier is your best bet. The shipping will be faster because there are no other stops, and the cargo isn’t going to be handled before it reaches its destination. Of course, there may be times you need to ship less and it’s important to have a shipping partner that can offer LTL shipping services as well. Truckload shipping is the way to go when you need to transport things across the country, but don’t have a rushed timeline.

Rail Freight

Combined with truckload shipping and aerospace logistics, rail freight is a crucial component of the U.S. logistics system. Managing the rail system is a big task though, so it’s a good idea to hire a freight company that can manage intermodal shipping or multimodal shipping. A third-party logistics company can manage that for you and present you with one bill. That means your business can take advantage of all methods of transportation, including the rail system, without having to gather additional permits and licenses. That is less hassle for you.

Specialty freight services are easy to come by, but you want a service that can manage all of your needs with the best customer service. Your company needs a shipping provider that can offer aerospace logistics, truckload shipping, rail freight, and more. This helps ensure your packages get delivered when you need them and your company has less hassle. Take advantage of the benefits of a well-rounded freight company and use one that covers all of your needs.

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