Guaranteed vs. Non-Guaranteed Shipping Options

Guaranteed vs. Non-Guaranteed Shipping Options

It can sometimes feel like a shot in the dark to give a delivery estimate to a customer when shipping a shipment. Hoping the product arrives to your customer by the date you were provided by the carrier is a helpless yet familiar feeling for many business owners. This is where it becomes beneficial to research all of your shipping options, particularly when deciding between guaranteed and non-guaranteed shipping options.


While the occasion is rare that pits your company's future on the back of a single delivery, some orders require you to promise the client they will receive it by a specific date. This is where a service like guaranteed long-term shipping comes in handy, offering an assurance of compensation if the shipping company fails to satisfy its end of the bargain. This service is more expensive due to the extra requirements but can make up for itself in goodwill from your clients.


The standard option when shipping packages and freight is non-guaranteed. The biggest plus when deciding between guaranteed and non-guaranteed shipping options is the lower cost. Though the standard is less expensive, it does put you totally at the mercy of your freight logistic company’s schedule. The other problem that can limit a freight company’s ability to guarantee delivery is location. Some areas are simply too remote to reasonably offer service with a guaranteed delivery date. Finally, it can be difficult to file an insurance claim unless the carrier inspects the package before shipping, which is not always the case.

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