Why Choose Expedited Freight Services?

Why Choose Expedited Freight Services?

Your company's shipments are central to its entire operations. When your customers receive their items in a timely matter, you can boost customer satisfaction and your business's reputation. Expedited shipping services can help make this happen every time. Nearly 12 million trucks, rail cars, vessels, and locomotives move through the transportation network. By taking advantage of expedited trucking and shipping, you can ensure that your cargo stands out from the bunch.

Expedited Freight Services: An Efficient Choice
By understanding the basics of this shipping model, you can make an informed decision for your company.

What is expedited shipping?
Above all, expedited freight services make the shipping process as efficient as possible. In standard shipping, LTL loads move secondary to Expedited or Guaranteed Loads. Using Guaranteed Options essentially makes your shipment move First Class ahead of all other shipments. It has a high visibility throughout our network that we track each day. When it comes to Full Truckload Expedited moves, typically if you need it moved a longer distance than 500 miles, you would want to use a driver team. Team service consists of two drivers who drive virtually nonstop to meet almost any deadline.

What types of businesses can use expedited shipping?
Any size company can take advantage of this service. The key is to find a transportation company that has experience in your industry. This way, you know that you are getting a service that is uniquely catered to you.

What information is needed for this shipping service?
Your shipping company will need to know some basic information before they curate a solution for you. Be sure to know the total number of pallets, the dimensions of these pallets, the total weight, the class of freight, and whether the freight can be stacked. You should also provide the total value of the shipment if it's moving from dock to dock, the origin of the freight, the expectation of delivery times, and whether you require special services.

The DTS Difference
Here at Diversified Transportation Services, we are committed to providing your business with the best possible expedited trucking or shipping services. We are capable of providing some of the best business-specific logistics in the industry and are looking forward to working with you.

What Can DTS Do For You?

Whether you're a company looking to improve one facet of your supply chain, your entire supply chain, or simply looking for a transportation and logistics consultation, we can help.

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