Basic Trade Show Questions, Answered

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Basic Trade Show Questions, Answered

Every year, hundreds of businesses share ideas and products by attending trade shows. Use the following guide to answer all of your basic questions about the purpose of trade shows and how to get your products to a trade show display safely.

What is a trade show, anyway?

One innovative way businesses share their ideas and products is through attending trade shows. Companies display their products, offer demonstrations, and host workshops in a large hall with other businesses in the same industry. As of October 2016, 252 convention centers across the U.S. held trade shows. The states with the most convention centers were California and Florida, with 20 locations each, followed by Nevada which had 19. Related professionals, industry experts, and consumers can all attend the trade show to learn more information, exchange business cards, and even make purchases.

I just signed my company up for a trade show. How can my company get our products to the center for display?

Trade show logistics and freight services offer trucks and professional handlers to get your show-stopping products to their displays. If you want to participate in a trade show, you'll likely need to research trade show shipment options and trucking services to get your unique products to the convention center.

How do I prepare my product for shipment to the trade show?

Different companies have different guidelines for how much or how little they provide in terms of packaging and handling your products. In general, stack the heaviest items at the bottom of the pallet. Make use of labels so that shippers know which items are fragile or need to remain upright. Nearly any good or large industrial equipment can be accommodated by trade show shipment specialists, though specialty services may be required for particularly awkward or sensitive items. Trade show freight professionals can offer you advice on trade show logistics, truckload shipping rates, oversized freight rates, and more.

Some shippers will even help you set up and take down the display, while some trade shows offer labor on-site. Refer to your exhibitor's manual for information about drop-off locations, dates and times, and labor rules.

Though attending trade shows in any state is a great way to boost your business, the process of preparing for and attending a trade show can be complicated and exhausting. If you work with large appliances or equipment, shipping and setting up your product is a particularly difficult task. Luckily, there are services available to help. For experienced and professional trade show logistics services, contact Diversified Transportation today.

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