Advantages of Shipping LTL Compared to Parcel

Advantages of Shipping LTL Compared to Parcel

LTL and parcel shipping are both popular transportation options for businesses. While these two shipping methods seem similar at first glance, they have a few distinctive differences.

Below, learn about the advantages of shipping LTL compared to parcel.

Main Differences: LTL vs. Parcel Shipping

As previously mentioned, parcel and LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping are similar in many ways, making it hard for people to determine which option is better.

Cargo Weight and Size

Parcel shipping is shipping that involves packages weighing less than 150 pounds. On the other hand, LTL is about shipping packages that may be heavier than 150 pounds but less than a truckload. Given the parcel’s smaller size in parcel shipping, it may suffer damage or become lost. However, LTL shipments are palletized, reducing the risk of damage and loss.


Parcel shipping is economical for smaller and lighter packages. LTL shipping is perfect for transporting large items or many small items going to the same location. Larger shipments with multiple pieces moving as LTL will have a lower cost per unit shipped in most cases, thus making LTL more cost-effective on larger shipments. Also, many cartons are shipped on one pallet, and those cartons, when properly packaged, shrink-wrapped, and banded on the pallet, tend to ride on the truck as one handling unit.

Advantages of Shipping LTL Compared to Parcel

The advantages of LTL shipping over parcel shipping stand out. They include:

Lower Damage and Loss Risks

Since LTL shipping involves larger packages that you must palletize and store carefully, there’s a lower risk of damage.

Cheaper for Multiple Items

It’s cheaper to bundle up many items into one shipment and ship them as an LTL shipment than to send many parcel shipments. Provided the items are going to one location, LTL shipping may be a cheaper option.

These are a few advantages of shipping LTL compared to parcel. Diversified Transportation Services (DTS) does domestic US LTL and FTL logistics as well as international air freight for packages from 5 lbs. to 5,000 lbs. DTS can manage all types of shipments, including full truckloads, managed transportation, and more! Call us for all your expedited freight delivery needs!

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