6 Benefits of Outsourcing Expedited Freight Services

Expedited Freight
6 Benefits of Outsourcing Expedited Freight Services

Outsourcing expedited shipping services can help businesses deliver cargo more efficiently. But how does it work? What benefits does it offer? 

If delivering goods is a key part of your business, you know how important it is to offer efficient shipping. 

When customers and clients feel your shipping is too slow, they may turn to your competitors for faster delivery — costing you valuable business. 

Here’s what you need to know.

What is expedited freight shipping?

Expedited shipping is an outsourced delivery service that prioritizes speed and efficiency more than others. Various expedited shipping services are available, including overnight or same-day delivery. 

The time required for expedited shipping differs depending on each shipment's distance and transportation method. That said, expedited shipping providers have several techniques to speed up the delivery process. 

Benefits of outsourcing expedited freight services

Here are just a few benefits of outsourcing your expedited freight needs to a third-party logistics provider.

Faster delivery speeds

The primary benefit of expedited logistics and freight services is the increased speed. 

With this approach, carriers will deliver cargo in less time than traditional methods can typically achieve. If your business usually relies on an in-house shipping coordinator, outsourcing to an expedited shipping provider will make delivering goods in less time much easier. 

Improved customer service

Providing customers with a positive experience is fundamental for any business that wants to succeed. Expedited shipping services can help you deliver goods within the U.S. or further afield in less time. 

Not only will your customers receive their products sooner than they would with standard shipping, but they’ll also likely recognize your business’s commitment to quality service. 

Reduced shipping costs

Switching to expedited freight shipping services can help you bring delivery costs down.

Hiring your own in-house shipping department to handle deliveries means you have more overhead to cover. But with outsourcing, you only pay for the services you need when you need them instead of paying for an entire full-time department. 

More time to focus on your business

If your employees are putting precious hours into managing logistics and shipping each week, that takes time away that they could be investing in their core tasks. 

But switching to outsourced expedited shipping services will give you and your employees more time to focus on your business. This can help you improve productivity, and you can rest assured that your shipping arrangements will be in good hands when you choose a reputable shipping logistics company. 

Ability to deal with peak delivery times

During peak seasons, like holidays or sales events, expedited shipping can help you meet a surge in customer demand. Even smaller businesses can help ensure timely order deliveries and prevent delays or backlogs. A good shipping logistics provider will manage your expedited shipping at all times, helping to ensure things always run smoothly, even during peak shipping periods. 

Protect valuable cargo

Cargo theft is a common issue across the U.S., with criminals targeting food and drink more than other goods. Stolen cargo costs retailers and trucking companies an estimated $15 - $30 billion each year

Because expedited shipments make fewer stops, cargo is less likely to be stolen or damaged along the way. 

Work with DTS to outsource expedited freight services 

Expedited shipping services can help your business reduce delivery costs, improve your customer experience, and free up time to focus on essential duties. By outsourcing to a trusted shipping logistics company, you can lean on DTS for your expedited freight transportation.

DTS has helped countless businesses with expedited freight outsourcing, and we can do the same for you. For a free quote, get in touch with DTS today.

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