5 Expedited Freight Service Solutions Available to You

5 Expedited Freight Service Solutions Available to You

Expedited shipping is the method of shipping cargo at a faster rate than any other standard shipping method. While most consumers think of expedited shipping as the best way to receive that new purse they ordered online, expedited freight companies can help expedite the delivery of 1,000 purses.

Depending on the type of cargo and destination, there are several ways it can be transported with expedited freight. Here are five expedited freight services you can use if you need to get your products to their destination quickly.

  1. Next-Day Air Freight: Next-day air freight is designed for shipments that need to move quickly and safely across the country or the world. This expedited freight service solution may use cargo planes, commercial aircraft, or air charter services to get your products where they need to be -- the next day.
  2. Cargo Van: Cargo van expedited shipping services are the best way to move smaller shipments that only need to go a short distance very quickly. The products can go anywhere from across a town to across a state. Cargo vans or sprinter vans can be used for this service.
  3. Straight Truck: Straight truck refers to expedited trucking that uses large trucks equipped with boxes for hauling cargo. This method is ideal for anyone who wants to move standard-sized cargo over a long distance with great speed. The trucks offer superior protection to the cargo inside them.
  4. 2-Day Air Freight by 5: 2-day air freight by 5 is similar to next-day air freight. It is a good balance between speed and cost because it is time-sensitive as well as cost-effective. This method also uses cargo planes, commercial or passenger planes, and air charter services. Your cargo will arrive at its destination by the second business day at 5 PM.
  5. Dry Van with a driver team - Non-Stop: Dry van freight uses enclosed box trailers with doors in the back. There is no temperature control, but it can carry any type of equipment. Dry van trailers utilize both full truckload and LTL shipping services to get your cargo to its destination quickly.

In the United States alone, $1.48 trillion was spent on the logistics and transportation industry in 2015, which represented 8% of the annual gross domestic product. Your cargo deserves special, customized solutions so it can get where it needs to be promptly. Contact us today so we can help you pick the best method of expedited freight service for any shipment you might have.

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