5 Big Benefits of LTL Shipping for Your Trade Show

5 Big Benefits of LTL Shipping for Your Trade Show

Trade shows are held in convention centers all across the United States. In October 2016, there were more than 252 convention centers across the country: California and Florida had the largest number with 20 locations each, followed by Nevada which respectively had 19.

There are trade shows for all kinds of events: arts and crafts, brewing and distilling, fashion, home decor, and more! However, it would be impossible to get all of the necessary equipment to and from shows without the proper trade show freight shipments. LTL is just one example of trade show freight shipping. Here are five awesome benefits of using LTL:

1. Lower Costs

LTL shipping services are a great choice for freight shipments that exceed 150 lbs but don’t require a full truckload. The lower cost is a result of the actual shipping process. LTL freight companies use a process whereby shipments from multiple companies combine everything into one truck. This, in turn, allows each shipper to only have to pay for the weight of their own freight and the space it takes up in the trailer. It is also significantly more economical than a parcel considering it requires less handling than a multitude of smaller packages of the same weight. This would make life much easier for shippers all going to the same trade show. They could pack all of their materials into one trade show freight and split the cost.

2. Sustainable Practices

As more and more companies are concerned about their carbon footprint, it makes sense to utilize LTL shipping. Using the LTL shipping method increases the number of trucks that are filled to capacity with shipments; trade show goods, industrial or otherwise, reduces the number of half-full trucks on the road. As a result, there are fewer trucks on the road resulting in fewer carbon emissions.

3. Improved Security and Risk Reduction

All LTL and trade show freights are typically loaded onto pallets or into crates. This is meant to protect your shipments from general wear and tear that can be caused by handling as well as residual damage from contact with other freights in the same trailer. It also reduces the chances of loss when you compare it to small package shipping.

4. More Service Options

Fortunately for you, LTL offers multiple service options that not all other shipping methods have to offer. Some of these include liftgate, notifications prior to delivery, inside pick-up and delivery, freeze protection, special handling, and more. For example, companies that have a shipping dock don’t need a lift gate. LTL offers smooth trade show freight shipping plus any accommodations you may need.

5. Tracking Capabilities

LTL shipments are also easy to track. This helps to simplify the planning for receipts of shipments, inventory levels, as well as manufacturing workflows. Similar to UPS and Amazon, most carriers provide real-time tracking that includes in-transit shipment updates for pick-ups, stop-offs, shipment status, and deliveries. Shipments can be tracked through a range of methods. All of this info helps shippers hold their LTL shipping carrier accountable for guaranteed quality delivery every time.

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