Why Your Business Needs To Use A Trade Show Logistics Company

Why Your Business Needs To Use A Trade Show Logistics Company

If trade shows are an everyday part of the way your company does business, you know how important they are. In the hustle and bustle of today’s business climate, trade shows offer companies a chance to hobnob with others in their line of work and meet customers face-to-face, allowing them to make direct sales and extol the benefits of the products or services their company provides.

While trade shows are important, just as important are trade show logistics. What does that mean? Trade show logistics can be thought of as all the machinations that go on behind the scenes of the trade show.

  • How do trade show materials end up getting shipped from a company’s headquarters or a warehouse to a trade show facility?
  • What kinds of trade show materials are shipped?
  • How are those materials packaged for shipping?
  • How much does it cost to ship those materials?
  • What kind of vessel are those materials shipped in?

All of those questions posed above are all things that companies ask when they’re trying to get all their docks in a row before a trade show. With a good trade show logistics company, businesses can rest easy knowing that all the last-minute details are squared away and they can focus on wowing customers at the shows.

Whether you’re dealing with trade show freight, truckload shipping rates, trade show shipping, or any number of other concerns, a good trade show logistics company can make everything smoother.

How can trade show logistics help your company?

Keeping Costs Down

While trade shows can be a great way to showcase your company and make a good impression on customers, exhibiting at them can be a costly venture. Coordinating shipments can be tricky and even the slightest mistake delay can prove costly. Bottom line: a good trade show logistics company can help eliminate the risks associated with unforeseen show expenses and help companies coordinate their shipments while keeping costs reasonable.


There are more than 250 convention centers across the United States constantly holding trade shows and there's no doubt trade shows are beneficial. But every company’s trade show strategy is different and a reputable trade show logistics company can get a good feel for a company’s business model and then customize it. That includes setting up shipping times, and shipping rates and providing other services that align with a company’s deadlines, budget, and show schedule.

Planning For Storage

Every trade show exhibitor wants their materials to get from Point A to Point B unharmed and on time. But companies also need to consider the storage of their booth and materials, especially if they’re planning on arriving early. Many logistics offer secure storage options for both short-term and long-term use.

Reliable Transport

Some estimates show that marketing at trade shows can cost companies upwards of $25,000. That means shipments of materials have to show up on time and in excellent condition. Logistics companies can not only get materials shipped on time, but they can protect materials with customized plans for packaging as well as bills of lading and shipment trackers so companies know where their stuff is at all times.

With the right logistics company, businesses can ensure that all necessary and essential trade show materials are where they need to be when they need to be there and are in excellent condition to help those businesses wow their customers.

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