Why Temperature Control in Pharmaceutical Shipping Is Important

Why Temperature Control in Pharmaceutical Shipping Is Important

The transportation of pharmaceutical items is one of the biggest problems many drug manufacturers face. The products must arrive safely at their destinations, including staying within the acceptable temperature range. Here is why temperature control in pharmaceutical shipping is important and what is done to keep medications safe.

Why Temperature Is Important

The biggest reason why it’s crucial for temperatures to stay within a specific range is that a failure to do so could diminish the effectiveness of medications. This leads to medicines potentially becoming toxic and possibly deadly. It’s essential for steps to be taken throughout the cold supply chain to help ensure the safety of the items for everyone in need. For most products, this requires a consistent temperature between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit but could require as low as -4 degrees to ensure compliance.

In Transit

There are several steps taken during the pharmaceutical transport phase to help ensure product safety. One is using transport vehicles with attached climate control systems to help ensure that products stay in their range. Regular temperature checks must be performed to help ensure everything remains within safe transportation limitations. Finally, try to create as few chances as possible for outside temperatures to impact the product.

In Storage

Once the pharmaceuticals arrive from the truck, they’re stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse where they wait for further distribution. While waiting, the same regular temperature checks as before are still being performed along with several other tasks designed to keep the product within the acceptable range. Routine audits of the warehouse are carried out to help ensure there are no areas where temperatures become unsafe. The storage facility must remain reactive in the event of an incident, including having a backup plan for the event of a power failure.

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