Why International Companies Opt for Freight Forwarding

Why International Companies Opt for Freight Forwarding

A freight forwarder is an organization or company that organizes shipments and transportation for businesses. They handle a business’s shipping and transportation needs, allowing that business to focus on other, more pressing matters. A third-party logistics provider, also known as a 3PL, works with freight forwarders to arrange the best transportation for businesses.

For instance, Diversified Transportation Services offers international freight forwarding services for businesses. We take care of any issues that arise during the shipment process and give valuable customer service. This allows businesses to lean on our experienced staff to manage their shipments and focus on other aspects of their companies. But why do businesses choose freight forwarding instead of different shipping methods? The reason is that freight forwarding provides many great benefits.

Read on and learn why international companies opt for freight forwarding:

1. Excellent Security

Shipping your cargo internationally comes with a variety of risks, such as cargo damage, loss, and theft. While you cannot eliminate these transportation risks, you can lower them by working with a trusted 3PL and freight forwarder. 3PLs and freight forwarders work together to follow the necessary processes and procedures to ship your freight safely to its destination. By transporting your cargo with the proper procedures and equipment, they provide the necessary security for your freight. With a reliable 3PL and freight forwarder on your side, you can rest easy knowing that your freight will reach its destination in excellent condition.

2. Documentation Completion

It’s no secret that international shipping and customs require a lot of documentation. For many businesses, gathering all this information and documentation can turn into quite a hassle. It can also take a significant amount of time out of your day. Some of the documents you might need include a Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, and a Certificate of Origin. If any of these documents are missing, incorrect, or incomplete, customs can hold and delay your shipment for an undetermined amount of time. So instead of using valuable time and energy to gather all the correct information, businesses rely on their 3PLs and freight forwarders to provide the right information.

3. Consolidation of Shipments

Freight consolidation reduces your costs and shipping times. Instead of moving multiple small shipments at high rates, you can consolidate your shipments to receive lower rates and faster delivery times. Contrary to what you might think, freight consolidation is a safe method of shipping. It reduces the amount of space in a cargo hold, and all the surrounding shipments provide additional support, keeping your items in place. Consolidating freight on your own can be challenging, but with a 3PL and freight forwarder, you won’t have to worry about it since they will help you make arrangements. The 3PLs and freight forwarders work together to consolidate shipments and get you the best rates.

4. Fastest Routes and Delivery Times

Especially today, consumers want their items to arrive as quickly as possible. 3PLs and freight forwarders can help you obtain the fastest routes and delivery times. Well-known 3PLs and freight forwarders have plenty of connections in the industry that can help speed up your logistics operations. They work with these connections to find the fastest routes for your cargo and determine the best cargo spaces for your shipments and the lowest rates. When you increase your shipping speed and reliability, you will boost your customer satisfaction rate and even improve your business’s reputation.

5. Experience in the Industry

One important benefit that 3PLs and freight forwarders offer is experience in the industry. If you don’t have a lot of experience in the shipping and logistics industry, then partnering with a 3PL and freight forwarder will save you a lot of effort, money, and time. The shipping and logistics industry is complex, which is why it’s best to leave your shipping and logistics to the professionals who can help ensure your success.

6. Superb Customer Service

When you have questions, you need to partner with a 3PL and freight forwarder who provides excellent customer service. Here at Diversified Transportation Services, we work with freight forwarders and provide superb customer service for our clients. Since 1990, we have provided the highest level of customer service for our clients to help ensure that we answer all their questions in full. If you choose not to partner with a 3PL and freight forwarder, you lose this valuable benefit.

7. Additional Services

3PLs and freight forwarders offer international shipping solutions and many other valuable services. For example, here at Diversified Transportation Services, we work with freight forwarders to provide international air freight, ocean freight (LCL and FCL), warehousing, truckload logistics, expedited shipping, domestic air freight, and more. With all these options, you are sure to find the right type of shipping for your needs.

8. Large Network

Experienced and professional freight forwarders have a long list of connections in the industry. This allows them to provide low rates, offer quick transit times, and take care of problems efficiently. If you choose to use an alternative shipping method, you will not obtain this useful advantage for your business. However, if you do decide to partner with a 3PL and freight forwarder, you will receive the benefits that these connections in the industry provide.

9. Specialty Cargo

Transporting specialty cargo can be challenging, especially if you ship internationally. There are many transportation rules and regulations that businesses must follow to transport specialty or dangerous goods over long distances. Plus, freight forwarders and 3PLs use their combined experiences and knowledge of the industry to help assist you in ensuring that you transport your cargo safely to your consumers.

10. Long-Term Partnership

The final reason why international companies opt for freight forwarding is that they obtain a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership. Just like businesses maintain a good relationship with their suppliers, they also need to maintain a good relationship with their 3PL and freight forwarders. With a long-term partnership, you can count on your 3PL and freight forwarder to always provide top-notch service for you and your business while you continue to obtain their services. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that greatly benefits both parties.

Why International Companies Opt for Freight Forwarding

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