When Should a Company Use Guaranteed LTL Shipping?

When Should a Company Use Guaranteed LTL Shipping?
When Should a Company Use Guaranteed LTL Shipping?

If you need to move pallets that won't take up an entire truck, the trucking industry refers to this as less than truckload, or LTL. In most cases, standard LTL shipping should get your product to its destination in an economical and timely manner. Nevertheless, in some cases, it is mission-critical that you use guaranteed LTL shipping to help ensure that your product arrives before a specified time and date.

When should a company use guaranteed LTL shipping? If the product you need to move can be shipped while sharing cargo space with other products and your product needs to arrive by a certain date. With all this, it is essential that you have reliable shipping and logistics services to help coordinate all these moving parts.

What Is Guaranteed LTL Shipping?

The benefits of guaranteed LTL shipping include planning your deliveries with less guesswork and shorter delivery times. Guaranteed LTL shipments are typically delivered within two business days, which means faster turnaround times for customers who need their products ASAP.

The Difference Between LTL and Guaranteed LTL

When you place a standard LTL order, you typically receive an estimated transit time, which differs carrier by carrier and shipment by shipment. Guaranteed LTL shipping provides the added benefits of specifying your delivery time frame, and in most cases is delivered by the specified time. Products are generally guaranteed to arrive by either the standard 5 pm or by noon on your selected date.

Guaranteed LTL Freight Benefits

Your company should use guaranteed LTL shipping when you are shipping to a retailer that has a strict delivery window or when another shipping activity relies on your shipment arriving at a specified time. When products don't arrive on time, people may think twice before placing another order with your company or may delay other aspects of the business.

Shipping Logistics

Overall, LTL shipping reduces the number of trucks on the road, fuel utilization, and emissions, all while saving you money in reduced transportation costs. Guaranteed LTL shipping is a helpful tool to have when your product needs to be delivered by a specific timeframe.

This method of moving products requires planning. You will want to prepare your pallets ahead of time and have a clear map of where things need to end. For example, a company can save money by shipping a few pallets to different Amazon warehouses instead of sending smaller, more frequent packages, resulting in a higher cost.

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