What’s the Process for Expediting International Air Freight?

What’s the Process for Expediting International Air Freight?
What’s the Process for Expediting International Air Freight?

It’s no secret that the fastest and safest way to transport cargo overseas is by plane. So, when you need to ship your cargo overseas quickly, expedited air freight is the best solution for your business. Keep reading to learn more about the process for expediting international air freight.

What Is Expedited Shipping?

When you look at Diversified Transportation Services’ international shipping solutions, you’ll notice that we offer expedited shipping. Our air cargo expedited shipping service transports your shipments as quickly as possible to their destinations. We make the process seamless from pickup to delivery by providing best in class customer service, international shipping experience, and assisting with the required documentation. When you set up expedited shipping with us, we arrange the transport of your cargo on the next flight out to its destination. We’ll go over the steps for expediting international air freight so that you know exactly what to expect for your shipments.

Schedule the Service

The first step for expediting your freight is to schedule the service with a 3PL, such as Diversified Transportation Services. Contact your 3PL and let them know you need to expedite your freight. When you enlist our trustworthy services, we ensure that you receive the best prices and service to successfully expedite your cargo.

Pick Up and Transportation

The next step for expediting international air freight is for a carrier to pick up your freight and load it onto the next flight out to the destination. Since you want to expedite your shipment, we will find the most direct path for your freight to ensure that your freight arrives as quickly as possible.


After the plane carrying your cargo reaches its destination, the freight carriers unload your shipments and prepare them for delivery. Since you paid for expedited shipping, your shipments should not sit in storage or stay still for long. The carrier should then deliver the freight as quickly as possible from the airport to its destination.

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