What To Know About Dry Van Shipping

What To Know About Dry Van Shipping

The words “dry van” conjure images of a soccer mom sheltering her child and their teammates from a passing rainstorm. However, in the transportation industry, dry van shipping has a very different meaning. The phrase describes a shipping method in which workers place products into a fully enclosed semi-trailer for safe transport. Consider this method for your next shipment.

Here is what to know about dry van shipping before making up your mind:


There are many benefits to dry van shipping. Here are a few examples:


These containers are excellent for transporting many packaged consumer goods. Companies often transport items like clothing, electronics, and furniture with dry van shipping.


Dry van shipping offers protection from many of the hazards of travel, especially the outdoors. The shipment stays enclosed the entire time, which prevents moisture from damaging the products.


If you want to know about dry van shipping, you should be aware that it’s relatively cheaper than other methods. Cargo transported with dry van shipping typically doesn’t require specific conditions, so it’s less expensive to send.


Just as there are many reasons to use dry van shipping, there are also reasons to use other methods for certain shipments:

Lack of Temperature Control

While the temperature might not be important for some items, others require particular conditions. Many products require special temperature accommodations, including electronic items, medical items, perishable foods, and artwork.

Vulnerable To Moisture

The other big challenge of dry van shipping is the possibility of moisture intrusion through condensation buildup on the floor. This can lead to high humidity levels in the truck.

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