What Qualifies for LTL Shipping?

What Qualifies for LTL Shipping?

When looking for reliable shipping for your products, you may have come across three letters: “LTL” Shipping. If you're unfamiliar with the term, LTL stands for “less-than-truckload,” meaning less than a full truckload. It is a normal way of shipping items that are too large for package delivery companies like UPS or the USPS, but small enough that they don’t need an entire trailer. Companies small and large utilize LTL freight shipping to get their goods to customers all over the country.

LTL Shipping Standards

What qualifies for LTL ShippingThe standards are loose and open for LTL freight shipping. Generally speaking, less than truckload shipments should weigh between 150 to 20,000 lbs. and that will fit on a standard 48 ft. or 53 ft. trailer. Shipping companies like Diversified Transportation Services use LTL freight shipping to make the process more efficient and cost-effective for everyone. Company A will stack several boxes onto a pallet, shrink-wrap it together, and call in a pickup for an LTL load. The truck will pick it up and make several other stops at different companies picking up similar loads until the trailer is full. It is a good way to maximize the truck, the driver’s time, and the cost of operating it. This keeps shipping costs down.

Who Offers LTL Shipping Service?

Small package delivery services don’t have LTL. They only take small- to medium-size packages and never anything that is palletized. They can’t pick up and deliver large loads regularly. LTL truck companies have a fleet of trucks that can accommodate large loads. They can pick up multiple pallets of the same product or dozens of different ones.

Less-than-truckload (LTL) provides a cost-effective solution for businesses to transport goods nationwide. With loose standards allowing for shipments ranging from 150 to 20,000 lbs., this me is accessible and efficient. Unlike small package delivery services, LTL truck companies have the capability to handle large loads, making them the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today for a quote

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