What Is the Most Commonly Shipped Freight in the World?

What Is the Most Commonly Shipped Freight in the World?

Due to the many industries that ship goods worldwide, you may wonder about the most commonly shipped freight in the world. From gaming systems to gorgeous tables, the global shipping industry moves a massive array of goods.

Read below to learn which goods stand out as extremely high-demand freight year-round.

Produce Shipments

Local climates make it difficult to produce all the fruits and vegetables communities need year-round in various parts of the world. Thankfully, global shipping makes it possible for fruits and vegetables of all kinds to make their way to your local grocery store. For example, bananas are among the most in-demand produce items shipped worldwide. Whether you’re stocking up on bananas, blueberries, or beyond, you’re contributing to a massive part of global trade when you buy fresh and frozen produce.

Electronic Products

People in the U.S. use various electronics in their daily lives, such as computers, phones, game systems, and tablets. America isn’t the only country that indulges in such tech. Consider electronic devices in the workforce, from medical equipment to printers.

These devices, and many more, are among the most popular products to ship worldwide. It’s important to schedule electronics shipments successfully during the holidays because game systems, TVs, and luxury electronics are in high demand. At DTS, we use international air shipping and other solutions for shipping goods overseas efficiently. Logistics professionals can help ensure you handle the holidays with more organization and focus.

Furniture Sets

We can’t overlook furniture when discussing the most commonly shipped freight in the world. Households and businesses use furniture such as tables, chairs, desks, and shelves for functional and stylish reasons. The furniture industry works with artists globally to build quality pieces. It’s not uncommon for a company’s furniture to ship from another part of the world.

Your creative team may be in the U.S., but the manufacturers may be putting everything together in another part of the world. Individual furniture components for repairs rank among the most commonly shipped freight since furniture contains many parts that can break. Although the three industries on this list are among the biggest freight shippers worldwide, many more products are shipped overseas every year, including car parts and clothes!

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