What Industries Rely on Refrigerated Truck Transportation?

What Industries Rely on Refrigerated Truck Transportation?
What Industries Rely on Refrigerated Truck Transportation?

Refrigerated vehicles are some of the most underappreciated businesses in logistics. Delivering perishables is a real talent that we tend to overlook, but more businesses are starting to catch on. From the delivery of food to organ donations, there’s a huge demand for refrigerated vehicles. What industries rely on refrigerated truck transportation? Do you need to hop on the bandwagon?

In this article, we will take a closer look at the multiple industries that benefit from refrigerated transportation.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Drug companies rely heavily on refrigerated vehicles to keep medical supplies and prescriptions in a temperature-controlled environment. Many vaccines and medicines lose their potency in an environment that’s too hot or cold. Patients who get their medicine delivered to their homes receive it in an ice box to keep it cool.


Hospitals rely on temperature-controlled trucks for many reasons, delivering temperature-sensitive supplies and transporting organ donations—which is why refrigerated trucks are essential to the entire the hospital.

Hospitals also use refrigerated trucks to transport food and drinks for everyone in the facility—patients, visitors, and employees.

Airline Catering

Any business that provides food must have refrigerated catering vehicles; this includes airline services. When you’re on a flight and the flight attendant offers you a drink and a meal, you can thank the truck driver who delivered it with a temperature-controlled vehicle. All airline meals are safe to consume thanks to refrigerated trucks.

Universities and Colleges

Universities and colleges also rely on refrigerated transportation. This is due to the many hungry students and faculty members on campus. A university needs to get food delivered in bulk in a temperature-controlled environment in order to provide food and drinks for everyone.

Many universities have research labs and medical facilities that use refrigerated transportation to transport samples and research materials. Temperature-controlled trucks and vans are essential for research.


Believe it or not, florists rely on refrigerated truck transportation as well! Many florists ship their flowers across the country or overseas for events like weddings, conferences, and birthdays. The flowers must be in a temperature-controlled setting to stay alive in transit. Not only will this keep the flowers in good condition, but it will also keep their physical shape.

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