What Are Trade Show Logistics?

What Are Trade Show Logistics?

Your business has a lot to worry about when you head to trade shows. You need to design a trade show booth, plan your product demonstrations, train booth staff, and more. Then you need to execute a flawless trade show and break down your booth to ship back to your headquarters while you're exhausted from the excitement of the day. However, part of this burden can now be outsourced to trade show logistics providers.

Here are four ways trade show logistics can help your business thrive at its next show:


One of the most difficult parts of trade show planning is timing. The timing of trade show freight shipping includes more than just the transit time from your facility to the trade show site. There is also the loading time, unloading time, and, since convention centers host many trade shows, scheduling trade show freight carriers to arrive within a specific window of time. Remember, depending on the size of the trade show, dozens or even hundreds of trade show shipments might arrive at the same time.

Many convention centers also restrict how trade booths are set up. Among the 252 convention centers in the U.S., California's 20 convention centers and Nevada's 19 convention centers have contracted with labor unions to set up and tear down trade show booths. As a result, exhibitors must only coordinate the arrival of their trade show freight carriers in time for the show and at the show's close.

Safe Delivery

After on-time delivery, the next most important factor in choosing a trade show freight carrier is their ability to safely deliver the trade show shipment. While no carrier can guarantee safety on the road, a more experienced carrier is far less likely to damage goods in transit than a Greenhorn shipping company. Moreover, carriers have experience with other types of high-value freight, such as shipments of aerospace, industrial, and electronic equipment.

Weight and Size

Trade show booths vary widely in size. Gone are the days when a traveling salesperson could fit all their product samples in a single suitcase. Whether the booth design includes large structures or is filled to the brim with product displays, the weight of everything you need in your booth can be thousands of pounds.

Depending on your business, you might not know the first thing about shipping thousands of pounds of freight over hundreds of miles. Trade show freight carriers can advise you on the trucks needed to transport your trade show freight based on the weight and size of your shipment. Moreover, trade show freight carriers can often offer suggestions for fitting your shipment into the fewest number of trucks so you can keep your costs within budget.

Tear Down and Departure

One big difference between cargo shipping and trade show shipping is that you rarely need to haul your deliveries back again. However, trade show freight needs to be brought back to the headquarters or carried on to the next trade show. Trade show logistics companies can help you find ways to pick up and deliver your trade show freight to keep you on schedule. They provide you with unparalleled business opportunities to connect with clients and fellow businesses.

DTS allows you to focus on your business rather than worrying about shipping logistics. When you're ready to invest in your business, rely on the DTS for more information.

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