Truckload vs. Rail - How Do I Choose?

Truckload vs. Rail - How Do I Choose?

When it comes to large shipments shippers always have choices. You can ship via Truckload or you can ship via Rail. Depending on what your particular needs are for that specific shipment will be the driving force for which option you pick.

Truckload - Single or Team

If you need it there promptly and timing is important, then the Single Driver Truckload option should be your choice. Moving shipments via truckload gives you more control and typically allows the freight to continue to move without stopping. (unless the driver runs out of legal hours to drive).

You can also get a Driver Team - The team consists of 2 drivers. One will continue to drive when one person is sleeping in the rear cab and this way the freight continues to move towards its destination. Of course, Teams cost a little more but when the timing is mission-critical, this is the way to go. The cost of a Driver Team is typically far less than a production line going down or missing a PO deadline.

Rail Transport

Rail tends to be a lower price point than over the road transport. The cost efficiencies do have a trade off and that would be a slower transit time. Once something is on the rail, it is virtually impossible to get it off the rail and then expedite it. Only use the rail when you have the time to spare and the goods are not urgent or trying to meet a deadline.

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