Trade Show Shipping Glossary

trade show shipping
Trade Show Shipping Glossary
Advance Warehouse
A freight receiving facility which serves as an advance warehouse to a trade show. Shipments may be delivered and stored at the advance warehouse for 30 days prior to the first day of show move-in.
An area made up of one or more standard units of exhibit space (normally 10’x 10’).
When freight stays with the Official Contractor’s carrier and moves from one show to the next, this is most common when the official contractor for one show is the same for the exhibitor's next show.
An individual or company that provides services or materials to a trade show and/or its exhibitors.
Custom Exhibit
A display designed and built to meet the specific needs of an exhibitor.
Damage Report
A report submitted by an exhibitor to the freight company or drayage contractor itemizing damages of shipped goods.
Dimensionalized Weight
The formula used by air freight carriers to determine chargeable weight
Domestic Formula: (L x W x H)/194
International Formula: (L x W x H)/166
The unassembly or breakdown of a booth.
Display Builder
A company that fabricates exhibits (Exhibit Designer/Producer).
The service that includes delivery of materials to an exhibit space, removal of empty crates, storage of crates during the show, returning of crates at the end of the show, and delivery of materials to the carrier loading area (incoming and outgoing).
Drayage Contractor
A company responsible for handling exhibit materials.
Exclusive Contractor
A contractor appointed by show management as the sole provider of specified services (material handling, electrical, plumbing, rigging, etc.)
Exhibit Manager
Person in charge of a company’s exhibit program.
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor
A contractor hired by an exhibitor to perform trade show services independently of show management-appointed contractors.
Exhibitor Manual
A package of information which contains all rules, regulations and forms relating to an exhibition, provided to exhibitors by show management. (Service Kit or Manual).
Forced Freight
Freight that is ultimately given to the house carrier.  This normally occurs when an exhibitor fails to document what carrier their freight is to be given to or the exhibitor’s carrier fails to pick up on time from the show site.
General Contractor
Show management appointed company providing services to a trade show and/or its exhibitors.
- Freeman
- Shepard
- Fern
(These GSCs control 95% of the GSC market.)
Marshaling Yard
A lot where trucks gather for orderly dispatch to show site.
The date specified by show management for exhibit setting-up.
Blanket-wrapped shipment. Normally handled by a van line.
Re-Route Time (Force Time)
This is the time that the GSC routes those shipments that drivers are not checked in for to the “house carrier”.
Service Desk
The location at which exhibitors order services from show management.
Show Clear
Time specified when the entire show and all materials are removed from the hall and the hall is returned to the control of the venue.
Show Close
Time specified for the closing of an exhibition and beginning of dismantling.
Show Manager
The organizer and operator of an exposition.
Special Handling
This applies to exhibit shipments requiring extra labor, equipment, or time for delivery to an exhibit space (normally a 30% increase in material handling charges is applied).
European term for booth.
Target Date
A date set by show management for the arrival of freight at a trade show. Usually, shipments received before or after this date are assessed a penalty charge.

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