Top Safety Tips for Pharmaceuticals Transportation

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Top Safety Tips for Pharmaceuticals Transportation

Transporting pharmaceuticals is an incredibly complicated process, and it's arguably more important than manufacturing them. This is because transporting pharmaceuticals allows the valuable medications to make it to the place where they are needed the most. Shipping these products requires an extra level of care to help ensure that these medications make it to their destination.

This is where pharma logistics come in. Here are some pharmaceutical transportation safety tips freight logistics companies must follow to successfully transport their pharmaceutical products.

Guard against Potential Theft

Pharmaceutical cargo is incredibly valuable freight, making it a larger target for theft than other types of freight. Plus, cargo theft is one of the biggest risks associated with pharmaceutical transportation. In fact, between May and June of 2017, more than 90% of cargo thefts involved trucks. The first step is to complete a risk assessment to prevent cargo theft.

Make sure to pay attention to product return flow as well as the transportation of items that get returned to the manufacturer for destruction. Most pharmaceutical transportation companies set their own rules and guidelines that include things like route assessment and expected behaviors to keep their cargo safe from theft.

Maintain Temperature Control

Shipping pharmaceutical products in improper environmental temperatures poses a serious safety risk both for the manufacturer and the consumers. Many pharmaceutical products demand certain temperature ranges to preserve their quality and effectiveness once they arrive at their destination. If the cargo is shipped outside of the range, the substances can go bad and be a danger to anyone who uses them. An effective pharmaceutical transportation company always needs to be cognizant of the exact temperature requirements of the substances it ships. It also helps ensure that the delivery trucks are fully equipped with adequate temperature controls.

Use Expedited Freight Services

Finally, pharmaceuticals need to be shipped using expedited freight processes. Timeliness can be the difference between a good and bad substance. Certain items need to be delivered in time to remain valid for treatment or testing. Plus, some pharmaceuticals are extremely time-sensitive simply because of their high demand and impact on health. Even a two-day delay can mean serious consequences for individuals and hospitals that rely on life-saving prescriptions.

There are nearly 12 million rail cars, locomotives, trucks, and vessels moving goods over the transportation network. Some of these vessels are shipping pharmaceuticals, and they need to follow these tips to get the products to their destination.

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