Top 3 Trade Show Freight Challenges

Trade show freight
Top 3 Trade Show Freight Challenges

Trade show freight only allows a small window for pick-ups and deliveries. There is no room for mistakes, such as damage to materials or equipment.

You want all your items by the booth on schedule. Otherwise, you could miss out on the show entirely and then get a penalty from the exhibitors. Simple mistakes could also damage the reputation of your business. Here are some of the challenges common with delivering freight to trade shows.

1. Means of Transportation

You must get your trade show freight on time and in one piece. Air freight shipping services provide a fast means, but they are often expensive. They may only add to the budget already taken up by marketing and overhead costs. It is advisable to use air transport only if it is necessary and the value can justify the cost.

Another challenge with using aerospace services is that there are limits to cargo space. The orientation of the crate may not be suitable for your goods. Sensitive items may prove complicated to transport without having to place the container on its side.

Truckload carriers are more suitable when you want to use a cost-effective trade show logistics solution. They can carry tons of cargo across the United States in only about three days. For small items, less-than-truckload shipping can provide an affordable option.

The challenge is to find a trade show freight company that has a team with truckload and LTL shipping experience.

2. Communication and Process Enhancement

Specialty freight services are always trying to improve their business processes. Communication and coordination with their clients are one of the biggest challenges. Managers of exhibitions are sometimes not aware of the logistical problems that participants face.

Transportation can be overwhelming, especially if you have to move your displays from one show to the other.

Participants should take time to find out all the information they will need for loading cargo before and after the event. The organizers of the show may already have a plan in place. The earlier you understand the process, the easier it will be to avoid redundancy and find cost-effective solutions.

3. Traceability and Customer Service

A professional trade show freight company will provide information on where your cargo is while in transit. The prevalence of digital systems has raised expectations on the availability of tracking features to the client. Technological developments have compelled transportation companies to incorporate digital solutions. However, the industry has yet to agree on what features need to be retained, enhanced, or eliminated.

Some of the digital tools that customers now expect from freight services include:

  • Automated billing systems
  • Continuously enhancement of the billing process
  • A digital system designed to improve the client’s experience
  • Point of Delivery solutions that provide proof in a timely and accurate manner
  • Short and Long-term cost control solutions

Using 3PL Companies

The coordination of trade show freight delivery, which allows no margin for error, prompts companies seeking a dependable solution to contemplate engaging a 3PL service provider.

Third-party logistics providers have teams of professionals who have experience in dealing with the challenges of expedited freight. Some companies have staff that specializes in trade show freight. They understand the time-sensitive and sound logistics that the niche requires.


Timeliness and reliability are two of the most critical factors for trade show freight delivery. Logistics do not leave any room for errors, and exhibition participants need to plan the delivery as early as possible. A 3PL company can provide logistical solutions. 3PL providers not only help businesses deliver on time but also find ways to minimize the cost of the process.

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