Tips to Save Money When Shipping

Tips to Save Money When Shipping

Truckload freight is usually transported daily, making it crucial to understand the cost of shipment if you are a manufacturer. After all, the LTL market is estimated at approximately $35 billion for a reason. Therefore, it is important to know the rates of the company that you are working with, and then find tips that can help you to save money.

LTL and TL costs are different, and as such, it is vital to understand your type of truckload freight.

Here are tips that will help you save money during both LTL and TL shipping:

Pack Your Product More Densely

LTL shipping is more expensive than TL shipping because TL shipment uses fewer trucks to ship products. Try to pack your product more densely to avoid empty spaces between cases. Ensure that you fit your product into a single pallet to avoid paying for many trucks during transport. Stack an extra row in every pallet, and this will save you the additional pallets that would have been used for packaging.

Ask if You Can Get the FAK Service

FAK stands for "Freights All Kinds." Some trucking companies only ship a certain type of product, but it's worth asking if you can transfer all your shipments together, regardless of type. When you invest in FAK shipping, you can ship all your LTL shipments in one class instead of paying for different classes.

For example, it might be worth asking if your other products can be transferred with your expedited freight. Expedited freight companies only move products that are on a rush order, but if you negotiate with them, all your products can be transferred together.

Learn More About Your Shipment Options

Learning more about the different shipping options available to you can help you make more informed decisions. For example, if you are transferring a shipment by air, it is worth getting informative aerospace logistics of the product before moving your products. Use the logistics to either change the arrangement of the product or negotiate a FAK.

This tip is especially crucial for people who are transporting machines. Industrial machinery movers work with heavy products. As such, they usually measure and analyze a shipment before giving you the price. Therefore, ensure that you know as much about your shipment as the carrier does. Overweight freight will cost you extra, so it is vital to have knowledge about your truckload freight to find creative ways to make it lighter.

Ask Customers When They Need the Delivery

Not all customers need next-day delivery. Do not pay for this service until you are sure that your clients want the product on a time crunch. After all, expedited freight services are pricey; that makes it a necessity to choose services that align with your customers' needs.

Use Proper Packaging

Saving money as you're shipping truckload freight does not only mean saving on the transportation fee: it also means avoiding damages on your products. Ensure that you have labeled fragile products and padded them well to survive transport. Use protective wraps to protect the pallets from damage.

Paying less for truckload freight does not mean working with a lower-charging company. By following these handy tips, you can find the best truckload freight services at a cost that works for you. For more information, reach out to Diversified Transportation Services today.

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