Things To Consider Before Shipping Products Internationally

Things To Consider Before Shipping Products Internationally

When shipping internationally, you must consider several things so your larger shipments and smaller packages make it to their destinations. There are customs rules, paperwork, and procedures to follow to prevent your shipment from being held or ceased.

As the popularity of e-commerce continues to rise, so will the demand for international shipping. So, before you send your items off, here are five things to consider before shipping products internationally.

Customs Regulations, Duties, Taxes, and Fees

Every product you plan to ship must clear customs, regardless of the method of transportation. You will be required to fill out paperwork to inform your country and the country receiving the goods what they’re exporting and importing.

When shipping products internationally, you must typically pay duties, taxes, and fees. These fees depend on the product’s value and where it’s going. You will be required to pay more if you’re shipping high-value products. Check the custom fee rates of the different countries to get an estimate before sending your items off.

Restricted Items

Be sure to check the list of restricted items in the country you’re shipping to. If you send restricted items to another country, you could face serious consequences.

Your Packaging

Shipping internationally, regardless of the method, is costly. The cost of your shipment for air freight is based on the greater of the volumetric weight or actual weight of your shipment, so it’s important to consider your packaging. “Volumetric weight” is another way of saying how much room the shipment will take up in the plane. Ensure that you choose your box and packaging based on the size of your product to reduce your shipment’s volumetric weight.

Time of Transit

When shipping items internationally, you must plan your operations carefully. It’s essential to determine the date and time of delivery. Your shipment could get delayed, or you might not be able to choose expedited shipping. Depending on the product you’re sending, customs could also take longer to inspect your shipment.

The Best Method of Transportation

Another thing to consider before shipping your products internationally is the method of transportation. You can ship your items by air or sea. To make the best decision, you should consider the time, cost, and product you’re sending. International air shipping is the fastest method; for that reason, it’s the more expensive option.

Sea freight, on the other hand, is more affordable, but it will take longer to reach its destination. If you’re shipping fragile or delicate items, we don’t recommend that you ship by sea.

Cargo Insurance

There are many risks when shipping your items, especially internationally. Therefore, you will benefit from protecting your items with insurance. Whether you’re shipping high-value items or small trinkets, having insurance will provide a safety net for your finances in case you run into problems.

Before you ship your items, make sure to keep these considerations in mind. That way, shipping your product internationally will be easy. By being aware of the essential information, you can help reduce the chances that your product gets held or delayed.

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